This coming Sunday, 4th October, we will be celebrating public Masses at 11am and 5.45pm in the Newman Room. As the photos (above and below) show, chairs are social-distanced (2m) and we have in place a way of coming up for communion that helps keep people at a safe distance. At the moment the Masses are very simple but as we move back to full term we hope to be able to reintroduce some music to enrich what is already a prayerful liturgy.

We have a capacity for about 60 to 70 people in the Newman Room with an ‘overflow’ in the Chapel for 15.  On the Sunday 1st Week (11th October) we will restart an evening Mass and we are also considering the possibility of a fourth ‘Sunday’ Mass which we might celebrate as a Vigil Mass on Saturday evening.

At the moment we are not operating a reservation system but we could introduce it if that would give people greater peace of mind.

We will be continuing to livestream our Masses and, as in Trinity term, will do our best to involve in the liturgy those of you who do not attend in person.