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Dominus Illuminatio Mea

Dominus Illuminatio Mea- The Lord is my Light. It’s curious, is it not, that everywhere we see the university crest we are confronted with the first verse of psalm 27- the Lord is my light. Why have we kept this motto since the 16th century to reassure the world that despite the changing ideas about science, the world and the role of God that Oxford hasn’t exclude the Almighty altogether? - A bit of Latin to increase the market value of university items for the tourist market? Good solid Oxford tradition? [...]

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Torn Two Ways

The opening prayer of the Mass asks us to ‘honour you with all our mind….and to love everyone in truth of heart’: mind and heart: intellect and heart. Two parts of us: brain and emotional awareness. For St Paul: the ‘torn two ways’ is between ‘unmarried’ and ‘married’. He is not the most tactful of Biblical writers, and not always right; but he is right about one thing: we are, all of us, ‘torn between two ways’ and he wants us to be ‘free from all worries’. For him the solution [...]

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Holiness through Study

HOLINESS THROUGH STUDY Catholic Society, Oxford, 9 February 2012 Holiness – union with God – is not just through “holy” activities, but also through our ordinary work: now study There are four points I would like to make in this talk: 1. All of us in the Church are called to holiness 2. There are all sorts of ways to holiness 3. For ordinary people in the world the normal way is in their ordinary life and work; 4. In the case of students, our basic work is study; how to [...]

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