Every SATURDAY at 9 pm at the Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy

Postgrad Social meets every Saturday at 9pm in either the Blue Room or the Strange Room at Rose Place
St Aldates.

Come along to meet other graduates in a relaxed atmosphere with drinks and snacks.

Since masters and DPhil programmes continue outside of the short Oxford terms, the group meets regularly in vacations, continuing regular social nights, and hosting dinners and games nights.

For more information, and regular updates, please join the Facebook group.

Student rooms are still available for the Michaelmas term

The Catholic Chaplaincy has offered accommodation to a number of students for a long time.  Living at the Chaplaincy offers a rare experience to be part of a Christian community in Oxford which is distinctly different from College life or ‘living out’. 

Find out more and apply by clicking the link below:

Chaplaincy Accommodation Application

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