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Student Mass on Tue-Wed-Thu at 8am, followed by (free) breakfast

12.15pm Public Mass Mon-Sat, 6.15pm Public Mass on Thursday (Feast of the Ascension)

Sunday Masses at 11am, 5.45pm and 9pm

Confessions on Saturday 11.30am-12pm and Sunday 10.15am-10.45am. Please contact Fr Matthew or Fr William directly if you would like an appointment outside of those times.

  The Chaplains - Fr Matthew, Alvea and Fr William

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At University, you will have the chance to join many clubs and societies which gather people of shared interest. The Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy not only provides space for students and staff to gather for events and social time, but allows us to share faith and values which unite us in a profound way.

At the Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy, you will be formed in your faith through talks and seminars – if you have questions and doubts, these can be explored; you will deepen your relationship with Christ through prayer and the sacraments; and you will be strengthened in your relationship with your neighbour, building lasting friendships centred around a common vision and the joy of the Gospel. You’ll be encouraged to put your gifts and talents at the service of others, to engage generously for the ‘common good’.

Life at University can be filled with ups and downs. At the Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy, you will find a home and a place of rest. The Chaplains are always delighted to meet with students who stop by, our library provides space for study amongst friends, and our Chapel is always open for quiet prayer.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Meet the Chaplains

Members of the Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy team are always on hand to chat about matters of faith, life, studies, and everything in between!

Chaplaincy Life

The Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy is a vibrant place for you to pray, meet friends, eat and study. Find details of all our facilities here.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to enrich the lives of Catholic students at the University of Oxford and to welcome those who are asking questions about faith.

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