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'Godparents/Godchildren' programme
We have launched the ‘Godparents/Godchildren’ programme for the next academic year! The Chaplaincy's version of College Parents. Contact a Chaplain for more information!
Current students, you can sign up as a ‘godparent’ - even if you have been one before. Don’t worry if you don’t have a ‘co-parent’; we'll sort it out. Complete the form here.
If you are coming up to Oxford next academic year, sign up as a ‘godchild’ here.
If you are leaving (or have left!) Oxford, we wish you all the best! Do stay in touch. Don't forget to send us your non-University email address!
And let us know if you are changing college / continuing your studies after graduating, so that we can update our databases and mailing lists.

The Chaplaincy will be closed from Monday, 8th August to Saturday, 27th August.
The last Mass before closure will be at 5.45pm on Sunday the 7th. The first Mass after reopening will be at 11am on Sunday the 28th.

The next and last Student Mass and breakfast before the break will be on Wednesday, 3rd August at 8am.

12.15pm Public Mass Mon-Sat

Sunday Masses at 11am and 5.45pm (9pm Mass resumes in Michaelmas)

Confessions on Saturday 11.30am-12pm and Sunday 10.15am-10.45am. Please contact Fr Matthew or Fr William directly if you would like an appointment outside of those times.

The Narthex door code will be changed at the end of next week. If you would like the vac code to use the Chapel, Library or Strange Room, please contact a Chaplain or the Chaplaincy manager so that we can keep a list of those with access while the Chaplaincy is closed.
Library and Strange Room will be available for use when not used by the summer school (estimated end date: 13 Aug)


The Chaplains - Fr Matthew, Alvea and Fr William

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Newman Society

The Newman Society was founded in 1878 as a society for Catholic student members of the University. Working closely with the Chaplaincy, they seek to encourage and support Catholic students in their vocation as witnesses to the Faith.

Chaplaincy Residents

The resident community is at the heart of Chaplaincy life and gives the opportunity for students to live in a Catholic environment during their time at University. For details and how to apply, visit this page.

Becoming a Catholic

Every year, the Chaplaincy runs an RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) programme for those seeking to join the Church. Entitled ‘Catholicism – the basics’ the programme will begin in 6th week of Michaelmas Term. Find all the details here.

Catholic Oxford

There is a lot of Catholic life in Oxford. You’ll find things of interest being held at the Catholic Private Permanent Halls (PPHs) of the University, Blackfriars, Campion Hall and St Benet’s, and at St Aloysius, the Oratory Church. Click here for more info.

The Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy is a vibrant community, thanks to the many students who contribute to the shared life here.

Each year, a number of study groups, prayer groups, and social groups are formed and maintained in the Chaplaincy by students who invest their time into making our space a welcoming place for all.

Our two most distinct groups are the Chaplaincy Residents, and the Newman Catholic Society. Though each different in nature, these two communities form the backbone of Chaplaincy life.

Every Thursday, the Newman Catholic Society cooks and serves a hot meal open to all students, and hosts a talk in the Blue Room. The evening closes with a time of Benediction and Compline in the Chapel. The Society also organises social events throughout the term. Make sure to visit their website for more information.

Our resident community is formed of 12 students, a mix of undergraduate and postgraduate, who choose to live at the Chaplaincy for at least one academic year. Oxford life can be hectic, and filled with pressures both academic and social. For many, the chance to experience life at University in a Catholic context is strengthening. With the Chapel always available, and a more Christ-centred and person-centred way of life than you might find in College, the Chaplaincy is certainly a different experience, and one which is filled with many blessings.