5th Week of Michaelmas 2019

What is it?

An opportunity:

  • to develop our relationship with our Lord through prayer in the midst of our daily life.
  • to try out different ways of praying
  • to be helped in our prayer by meeting with an experienced spiritual director/prayer-guide
  • to be more profoundly a part of the praying community of the Chaplaincy

What’s involved?

You’ll be asked:

  • to attend the Opening Meeting at the Catholic Chaplaincy on Sunday 10th Nov at 7pm to meet your Guide for the week (let us know if this is impossible; we might be able to make another arrangement).
  • to meet for up to half an hour with your Guide Mon-Fri (11th–15th Nov) at a time that fits with your other commitments
  • to pray for half an hour each day
  • to attend the closing meeting at 8pm on Friday 15th, if possible.
  • to make a donation of £20.00 to help cover costs, if you can afford to

How do I sign up?

Email Alvea, the Assistant Chaplain, at alvea.fernandes@cathchap.ox.ac.uk. More info will be sent out to all who register interest.