Service Opportunities through SVP

Service Opportunities through SVP

svpFrom Stephani, SVP President.

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Visiting the elderly and housebound

This might involve having a nice chat and a cup of tea with people who are unable to leave the house much anymore. You can pretty much choose the time that suits you, and people usually commit an hour a week. Most of the locations are accessible by walking or biking.

Tutoring at St Gregory’s School

This is a new and exciting project. St Gregory’s is the local Catholic Comprehensive School with a student population of approx. 1000. It draws the majority of its students from a variety of neighbourhoods around East Oxford. After a challenging first few years, it is now going from strength to strength under a dynamic new headteacher. The idea is for SVP members to mentor children, in groups of 1-5, who have academic ability but are not really applying themselves. If possible we would also like to mentor any students who are capable of applying to Oxbridge seeing as we have expertise in that area.

You would tutor/mentor children in whichever subjects you feel comfortable with for however much time you can afford.  Contact Catherine Enticknap at

Hospital Visiting

This is at the JR hospital, and is organised by the hospital deacon. It involves taking communion to the sick and talking with them. They ask you to commit to doing this regularly for at least a year as there is a training involved regarding how to get around the hospital and how to approach the patients. If this is the project you want to go for let me (Stephani) know and I will arrange for you meet the deacon.

Asylum Welcome

I’m afraid I don’t actually know that much about this project, but their website ( ) has a lot of information. So the best thing to do here would be to give them a call on 01865 722082.

The Gatehouse

This renowned establishment provides food, drink, clothes, shelter and company to its numerous guests. A number of our members find working there a very flexible and worthwhile opportunity. The gatehouse is open from 5-7pm on Tuesday-Saturday, and 3-5pm on Sunday.

The Christ Church Home Learning Scheme

This ongoing scheme allows students to help children in need of extra tuition in the local area. Once again there is a great deal of flexibility in the tuition, which takes place at the pupil’s home, in order to suit both the student and the family.

Morning Soup-run

A group of two or three members go out in the morning (around 7am) with a couple of Thermos flasks, some bread, peanut butter, jam and chocolate biscuits. We try to provide company and talk to those on the streets, who are sometimes very lonely, realising our limited capability to provide answers to their many problems.

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