A message from Fr Matthew

 Greetings to you from the Catholic Chaplaincy!

This message is particularly for those of you who have been to the Chaplaincy since last Friday morning and who use the NHS Track and Trace App when you visit.

Because we have had two confirmed cases of the virus in the resident community over the last five days, it is possible that you might have been contacted today by NHS Track and Trace to tell you you must self-isolate. Please could you let us know if this has happened.

Unfortunately, the NHS Track and Trace system would have no way of distinguishing between the public areas of the Chaplaincy and the resident areas and might be assuming that because you had been in the Chaplaincy that therefore you are somehow part of the Chaplaincy household.

We are following up this matter with Public Health England. Knowing how many people have been caught up in this would be helpful.

Of course, it is possible that the NHS Track and Trace have contacted you for a contact that does not relate to the Chaplaincy, so please do bear that in mind.

We do apologise to those of you who might have been contacted unnecessarily. I realise what a major inconvenience this will be. We’ll do our best to put things right if we can.

The Chaplaincy will remain open for Masses this Sunday. I suggest that you sign in rather than use the App, if you attend.

Thank you everyone for prayers and messages of support as we self-isolate. We are all very grateful. We will be remembering in our prayers the wider Chaplaincy community.