RCIA Programme 2010 – 2011

RCIA Programme 2010 – 2011

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

The Chaplaincy RCIA programme for all those seeking Baptism, Confirmation or Reception in the Roman Catholic Church begins the first of this term’s meetings on Thursday of 4th Week (2nd November). Beside the shared meetings candidates will be given a personal guide with whom to talk through more specific questions. The programme runs until May 15th, when Bishop Kenney will come to administer the sacraments at the 11:00 Mass. If you are interested in joining the programme, please get in touch with Fr. John on moffsj@yahoo.com and you will be most welcome to join. If you know anyone else who may be interested, please draw their attention to this programme.

The programme for Michaelmas 2010

Week 4 Thursday, 4th November The Call of God

Week 5 Thursday, 11th November The Call of Christ

Week 7 Thursday, 25th November The Death and Resurrection of the Messiah

Week 8 Sunday, 28th November 11:00 Mass, Rite of Acceptance

The Programme for Hilary 2011

Week 1

Sunday 17th January 5:45 Mass  The Rite of Anointing
Thursday 20th January  One Body in the Spirit
Faith in Action begins (work with SVP, CAFOD, Jellicoe Society or Tanzania Project etc.)

Week 2 Thursday 27th January  The New Temple

Week 3 Thursday 3rd February   The Church

Week 4 (Open Week at the Chaplaincy)

Week 5 Thursday 17th February   Tradition and the Living Gospel

Week 6 Sunday 20th February  7:30 pm Weeks of Guided Prayer begin

Week 8

Sunday 6th March (first Sunday of Lent) 11:00 Mass The Rite of Election
7:30 pm              Weeks of Guided Prayer end
Thursday 10th March  Discussion and Evaluation

The Programme for Trinity 2011

Week 1 Thursday 28th April  Preparing for the Sacraments and Discussion

Week 2 Thursday 5th May  Preparing for the Sacraments

Week 3 Thursday 12th May Practising for the Liturgy

Week 4 Sunday 15th May

11:00 Mass Baptism, Confirmation, Reception with Bishop William Kenney

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