Renovation Program : Acoustic Door Repairs

The Newman Room has 20 doors (weighing close to 800kg each) which when closed provide an acoustic area to hear sound as it should be. These doors are held in place by 4 steel, adjustable roller guides; two for the top and two for the bottom gliding along a track. When the guide(s) start to wobble it’s time for the door to come down and be repaired.

The Process

Removal of each door from its running track. With each door weighing approximately 800kg you need a team of 8 strong men to carefully, with the aid of scaffolding, bring the door down towards the ground and then have it supported by 4 benches to hold the door steady and flat.

Next you need a carpenter who would cut out the damaged area and then replace with new solid wood, glue and screwed back into position. Once the repaired area is strong enough, the carpenter then drills a hole into it to put the steel adjustable roller guide in.

Once secure, the 8 man strong team are required to raise the door back up to the tracks above and below; once in place, adjustments are done to the rollers for the door to start another lengthy period of time guiding along its tracks to allow the Newman Room to have its acoustics back in place.

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