Prayers for Peace in Sudan

Prayers for Peace in Sudan

Voting in the referendum begins today and you can easily find reports and commentary about the referendum from most news organisations. As the voting process continues over the rest of the week, we’d like to ask you to keep the people of Sudan in your thoughts and prayers during this time.

Some prayer suggestions: you may find reflections provided by US-based Jesuit Refugee Services to be useful (, and the official Prayer for Peace in Sudan follows below (also at

Prayer for Peace in Sudan
Lord Jesus, you said to us;
“I leave you peace. My peace I give you.”
Look upon us your sisters and brothers in Sudan
as we face this moment of referendum.
Send us your Spirit to guide us.
Give us the wisdom we need to choose our future
where we will know your true peace.
You call us out of slavery, oppression, and persecution
so that we may have life in abundance.
Grant us peace with one another.
Give peace among ethnic groups.
Help us to work together for the good of all.
We ask this in your name, Jesus our Lord.

Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

Official prayer of the 101 Days of Prayer for Peace in Sudan. Approved by the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

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