Sun 19 Nov
33rd Sunday of the Year
Masses 9am & 11am
5.45pm Fr Mervyn Tower, parish priest of Corpus Christi, Headington
7pm Conversation and meal for young men asking about diocesan priesthood, with Frs Mervyn and Andrew (RSVP not needed! (Old Palace))
9pm Fr Andrew Foster, parish priest of St Joseph’s, Carterton

Mon 20 Nov
6pm Mass at Lincoln College

Tue 21 Nov
6pm Mass at St Hilda’s College

Wed 22 Nov
6pm Mass at St Hugh’s College
6pm Exploring the Sacraments through the liturgy: Ordination to Priesthood
8pm God in the Quad, postgraduates reflecting on faith and scholarship. All welcome

Thu 23 Nov
12.15pm Central Mass at Wadham College
7pm Newman CathSoc Meal, FREE. All welcome
8pm Our Final End: What will we be able to do in Heaven? Fr Simon Gaine OP
9.15-10pm Eucharistic Adoration, Benediction and Compline

Fri 24 Nov
6pm Mass of Thanksgiving for Newman Cathsoc Committee
7pm Newman Cathsoc President’s Dinner, After-Dinner speech by Mgr John Armitage, rector of the Catholic Shrine of Walsingham.