Easter, 2011.

Dear Fr Bishop,

I was visiting Pembroke, my old college last week-end and called into the Chaplaincy again where you very kindly heard my confession. The Chapel always has a special meaning for me as in my first term in Oxford (Michaelmas 1972) I returned to the Church there. I came home again at the evening Mass!

I attended Mass last week-end on Saturday and Sunday and was so very moved by the baptism and confirmation of the student converts at 11.00am Mass on Sunday. Both Fr Moffatt SJ and yourself made the Mass so very intimate and personal, despite the large congregation. I was also impressed by the concentration and silence in the congregation and the palpable sense of a loving community of faith. The chaplaincy team are truly working wonders in Oxford – in the quiet, dignified, Newman way. It was a great honour to be there even though I was “just visiting”. …

It was so wonderful to be back, Father. In my time at Oxford, the Chaplaincy greatly nurtured my own spiritual life and it is very heartening to see that it continues to have an impact upon the spiritual lives of students now and that through you the ‘noiseless work of God’ (as Newman says) proceeds. …

So, maybe what I am saying is that the Chaplaincy is a channel of God’s grace not only to the students but also to the alumni(ae) who come back to visit. Thank you and God bless you all at the Chaplaincy.

Neil Zoladkiewicz