JRS in Haiti

JRS in Haiti

Jesuit Missions have expressed their thanks for the donation of £720 to the work of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Haiti. Here is an update on what is happening:

“We are starting the political phase of the reconstruction. It is the time to go from individual aid to overall proposals. With the emergency phase still open, at Entreculturas we are working with our partners on a reconstruction programme based on three lines of work:

1. Education in Emergency. The priority is to create an emergency education programme in seven camps for displaced persons, We want to work with affected children to overcome their trauma and allow them to return to school. School construction will take some time and we have to recover school attendance as soon as possible. As of today, between 5.000 y 7.000 children have been assisted. We have 110 teachers and seven coordinators for each camp.

2. Education for Reconstruction. It is a priority to work on a formation programme to teach technical skills for the reconstruction. With this initiative we want to offer the Haitian youth the capacity to reconstruct their own country. We will give courses with 20 technical teachers hired for this purpose with an estimated 1.200 attendants, with ages from 16 to 30.

3. Education recovery. After the earthquake, schools of Puerto Principe and surrounding areas have been strongly affected. In some areas, 90% of schools have been destroyed. On the other hand, non affected areas are receiving many of the affected people and are beyond their capacity to absorb new students. In this context, we want to promote a school reconstruction and teacher training programme.”

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