Catholicism - the Basics


Mondays, 7-8:15pm, The Blue Room

Members of the Chaplaincy Community share what’s precious about Catholicism in a series of talks for all those new to, or wanting to grow in, Faith.

Hilary Term

2nd Week

Catholicism Overview

3rd Week

Scripture Week 1

4th Week

Scripture Week 2

5th Week


6th Week

The Church

7th Week

Mass and the Sacraments

8th Week

Mary and the Saints

Trinity Term

1st Week

The Pope and Church Hierarchy

2nd Week

The Moral Life

3rd Week


Student rooms are still available for the Michaelmas term

The Catholic Chaplaincy has offered accommodation to a number of students for a long time.  Living at the Chaplaincy offers a rare experience to be part of a Christian community in Oxford which is distinctly different from College life or ‘living out’. 

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