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When the Word Became Flesh

HE WAS the true light which enlightens everyone coming into the world .... And the Word was made flesh and lived among us’ John 1.5,14. Life presents us with so many challenges it’s not surprising if at times we find ourselves dissatisfied - with our looks perhaps, our work, or some failure to live up to our ideal. But, though we might be dissatisfied, God seems to love us as we are and chooses us as the way of fulfilling God’s loving purpose. When we look at the earth, what do [...]

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Children, Silence and God

THE VARIETY of personality and experience makes awareness of God's presence unique to each of us. But we are all so slow to understand the magnificence of the invitation to be wholly open to God. God is already present within us, and as in any relationship, it is up to us to recognise and give it space for further understanding to blossom. Providing children with quiet times for stillness can help them develop their own ideas and deepen their relationship with God. God is already dwelling within, and it is this [...]

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The Basis of Faith

IN YOUR hearts reverence Christ as Lord, and always have your answer ready for people who ask you the reason for the hope that you have.’ 1 Peter 3.15. But in speaking about our faith, hope and love, where should we begin? It’s no good starting with churchy stuff or thinking that a quotation from the bible will clinch any argument, if people do not know what we are talking about when we talk about God. This world is the gift of a Creator whose Word is made flesh in Christ [...]

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Change of Papal Style

THE BEGINNING of Francis’ papacy has changed perceptions of the Catholic Church. When Benedict XVI stood down the media image of the Church was poor. Catholicism was generally regarded as narrow-minded, corrupt and sclerotic. This was unfair to the millions of ordinary Catholics, laity and clergy, who were none of these things, nor was it fair to Benedict, and it concealed a growing desire for renewal. However, that negative image has been overtaken by the appointment of Francis. What the ordinary people, whether Catholic or not, notice in Francis is his [...]

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Resentment Overcome

BECAUSE WE TEND to want what others have, resentment is liable to be present in any human community and family. This creates tension, jealousy and conflict. Anthropologists tell us that we try to rid ourselves of tension by scapegoating. For example, imagine going out for lunch with a number of your colleagues. There will usually be some personality conflicts and tensions among us. But we can have an amicable lunch together simply by talking about certain people who aren't there, whom we all dislike, whom we all consider eccentric or difficult.. [...]

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True Prayer

IN THE PARABLE of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector, Jesus dismisses the first approach to prayer and praises the second. The proper approach to prayer is the attitude of humility, recognising one's faults and failings. Confronted with the goodness and holiness of God all of us fall short of the mark. 'God be merciful to me, a sinner' puts us into a right relationship. Luke 18.9-14 But what happens now? The utter difference of God leaves us with nothing we can see or touch. God's hiddeness and silence may mislead [...]

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From Death to Life Eternal

FROM DEATH TO LIFE ETERNAL ALTHOUGH the dead are constantly in the prayers of the liturgy, the Church invites us to make a special point of praying for the dead during November each year. So in churches and in private at this time, Christians will be making a special point of bringing before God those who have gone before us. That ancient tradition may well make those who observe it conscious of their own mortality - though this reality is something that can come to mind in many ways. Intellectually, we [...]

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Becoming Christ for Others

BECOMING CHRIST FOR OTHERS WE KNOW very little about the first disciples apart from the Gospel accounts. But what we do know, more importantly, is what it means to be a follower of Christ Jesus. There is a story about someone who died and who was awaiting his entry into heaven. He imagined he’d lived a good enough life; nothing special, but on the whole he thought he’d been OK. He was confident he couldn’t be accused of any deliberate wrong-doing. When he eventually came face to face with Jesus he [...]

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Finding God in All Things

IT IS difficult for some people to ‘find God in all things’, because they assume God can be found only in good situations. (Just as some think of love more in terms of ‘falling in love’ than ‘staying in love’ which calls for constant care and consideration.) But a moment’s reflection on Good Friday should make it clear that God is present in what humanly appear to be the most disastrous situations. Jesus’ acceptance of this human disaster brought his resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit to all humanity [...]

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Accepting Disappointment in Love

WHEN WE ARE young and hear sadness in love songs, we think that the sadness and disappointment are a prelude to the experience of love. Later we come to realize that the sadness and disappointment ultimately originate not from the fact that love has not taken place, but from the finite, limited character of human love itself. Why is disappointment part of the experience of every relationship, friendship, and marriage? Because the very way that we are made precludes ever having, in this life, a oneness of mind, heart, and body [...]

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