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OU St Vincent de Paul Society

Greetings prospective Vincentians! The St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) is an international Christian voluntary organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage by providing direct practical assistance to anyone in need. Our own group or ‘Conference’ at the Catholic Chaplaincy is part of SVP 1833, a branch of SVP which aims to encourage young adults aged 18-30+ to volunteer in a Christian context in their local community. Serving those in need in the local community including early morning tea round for the homeless Contact Katherine Backler Pray for us! Even [...]

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Service Opportunities through SVP

From Stephani, SVP President. OU SVP Website: contact, Visiting the elderly and housebound This might involve having a nice chat and a cup of tea with people who are unable to leave the house much anymore. You can pretty much choose the time that suits you, and people usually commit an hour a week. Most of the locations are accessible by walking or biking. Tutoring at St Gregory's School This is a new and exciting project. St Gregory's is the local Catholic Comprehensive School with a student population [...]

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SVP Faith in Action

The chaplaincy SVP group (Society of St. Vincent de Paul) is part of a nationwide network of parish groups committed to Christianity in action and the service of those most in need. Oxford is much bigger than the University and there are many opportunities for such service.  Projects currently undertaken include visiting the  hospital- and house-bound, an early morning hot-drink run for the homeless and work with the Christ Church Home-Learning Scheme. There are plans afoot to develop links with Asylum Welcome. Members of the group commit to taking on whatever [...]

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