All of us at the Chaplaincy were delighted to see how many of you attended the Chaplaincy last week.

Our aim is to continue to offer both online and in-person events across the whole term.

We realise that many of you will only come to the Chaplaincy if you feel it is a safe environment.

We know that if we do not remain a safe environment then not only will some of you stay away, but there is a strong likelihood that we will have to close for in-person events, either at our own initiative or at the request of the University or Public Health England.

In order to keep open across the term we need everyone to:

  • Wear face coverings when required (unless exempt for medical reasons)
  • Maintain 2 metre social distancing (it is further than you think!) unless with people from the same household
  • Sanitise hands on entering and leaving the Chaplaincy and at other moments when recommended
  • Remain in a designated group of six for the duration of a Chaplaincy event
  • Refrain from engaging in informal social interaction before and after events
  • Depart when requested at the end of an event

The greater good, as we see it, is for us to stay open for the whole term. Please support us in our endeavour.

With prayers for all at this time, and especially for students currently in isolation.


Fr. Matthew Power SJ
Senior Chaplain