Creativity has been flourishing in the Chaplaincy during lockdown!

We painted eggs on Holy Saturday (a tradition Rasa grew up with in Lithuania).

And with what beautiful results!

There was candle-making with Alvea – it is wonderful to know we can now put all our candle stubs to good use!

And then for Fr Ian’s 80th, there was the decoration of his birthday banner. Hung from the Chaplaincy roof and visible from Fr. Ian’s room in Campion Hall.

See if you can guess who from our residents might be the master artist behind these images:

We have had time and space and a community in which all this has flourished (and I haven’t mentioned the cooking, and the decoration of rooms, and other creative expressions). I hope we don’t take any of this for granted – we know other people’s situations in these days have been extraordinarily difficult. We have enjoyed these things because they have been shared, because they have drawn from us aspects of our being that perhaps don’t often come to the fore. There has been something simple and delightful about it, (a delight in an activity and a delight in one another). All to be treasured and to be grateful to God for.