I am not quite sure how we would have managed lockdown had it fallen mainly during Lent!

As it is, we have had 7 weeks of the Easter Season; and alongside the encouragement that has given us to pray to rejoice as Christ rejoiced, we have also had some lovely events that have given rise to joys that I feel sure the one who provided more wine for the marriage feast at Cana would delight in.

We have celebrated our cultural heritages, with Lithuanian dances by candlelight and with the singing of Irish folk songs to serenade a certain birthday boy still in his slumbers.

Passers-by were certainly taken by surprise and so, I think, was Naoise!

We’ve marked national events: tea and beautiful scones baked by Becky for VE day.

And we’ve taken delight in simple things, the Senior Chaplain particularly in a string of balloons which has festooned the Blue Room, there originally for Naoise’s birthday lunch.

But there still because the Chaplain likes, when no one is looking, to practice his ‘heading’! And besides, the colours are uplifting.

Some from beyond the confines of the Chaplaincy have helped to create the fun – the wonders of modern technology!

All of this whilst daily remembering at Mass those who are suffering. We know how blessed we are in all that we have been able to enjoy. May we never neglect to pray for deep gratitude for these experiences so that we may more freely serve the Lord in the months to come.