It’s Saturday 6th June and the city is getting busier. Feels like a good moment to acknowledge how special it has been to experience Oxford’s beauty during the quieter days of Lockdown.

We’ve so enjoyed the Meadows.

And the winding streets, whose gentle curves and the prospect of further beauties beyond so draw you in.

No one to avoid bumping into and so there’s been plenty of time to look up and to marvel at the faces captured in stone, familiar now in ways they weren’t before.

And how I love the doorways, even those I’ll never enter by; so many hidden worlds to engage the imagination.

And the small details that delight – how many times unseen in busier days.

I haven’t a photo of it, but in Broad St on the Weston Library steps there is inscribed in chalk, ‘Build back better’. It’s raining now and so the chalk will wash away. Please God, though, the experience that so many have had of beauty in these lockdown days will help us all commit to that goal.