In the week before 0th week (apologies if this sounds like old news as we race into the 1st Week of Term!) Chaplaincy residents returned early to Oxford to get launched into the new year with some communal project work

In the library:

When the library reopens you’ll now be able to find what you are looking for! That’s the hope. And, as a longer-term project, we aim to make it possible for students to view a Chaplaincy catalogue remotely.

And on the roof terrace:

For too long, the student terrace has been a wonderfully positioned wasteland (though you could never fault the views!). Now it is becoming a place of beauty.

The fruits of the five days we spent together are certainly a far better organised library and an array of pretty flower tubs on the terrace, but we would hope also a community that is praying together and working together to make the Chaplaincy the place of welcome and support that you will be enjoy and appreciate.