Beyond the Catechism: Texts

Beyond the Catechism: Texts

Texts are now available for the first five talks of the BTC lectures last term


Lecture One Faith and Reason

Lecture Two Resurrection and the End of the World 100 BC latest

Possible strands of influence and confluence of thought in the Hellenistic Period lecture 2

Names and dates

Lecture three A History of the Word

A History of the Word – supporting texts

Lecture four A History of Being and Other Big Words

Lecture Five A History of the Soul

It is hoped that this series of talks will lead to a revised version of ‘Beyond the Catechism’ available from 2011/2012.  Thanks to all who have attended the talks so far and given some extremely helpful feedback.

The series continues next term with the following talks

1                    Knowing and Believing in God:

2                    Reading the Tradition: Salvation History of the Old Testament

3                    Sacraments and Eucharist: Entering the Mystery

4                    Sacrifice and Salvation: Rescuing Creation

5                   Christian Ethics 1:     Relativism and Rules

6                    Christian Ethics 2      Binary ethics, quality ethics, virtue and the call to creative freedom

7                    Reading the Tradition part 2: Salvation and Truth in the history of the Christian Church

8                    New Testament and the Resurrection of the Word

There will be two supplementary talks (times tba), ‘God and Evil’, and ‘Reflections on the new “Theology of the Body”‘

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