I wonder if people, perhaps especially those who take their faith seriously, often get the erroneous feeling that God is not talking to them. We spend our lives looking for the big forms of communication- those which we witness in the Bible: the angels talking to us in dreams; the visions and visitations of the Saints; the burning bush in Cowley.

In looking for the big, then, we are apt to overlook the small- to miss out on the ordinary, as it were, while searching for the extraordinary. For it is in the ordinary that we often find God’s love manifest, God’s voice speaking to us, telling us how much He loves us. It is, then, in the friend who makes us a cup of tea when we are flagging while writing an essay, in the best pal who has suffered with us since we were very young, that we find the most audible form of God’s talking to us. Perhaps it is because we have become so accustomed to seeing such people in our lives, so attuned to having the benefit of their company etc that we are apt to overlook quite how special they are, and therefore misunderstand, or fail to take account of, the fact that God is talking to us, through them, most of the time.

So, today, perhaps I can make my prayer one which asks for the help to appreciate the way in which God is communicating to me, through the people and things I encounter on a daily basis. Through their love for me, let my soul be set on fire with a renewed love of God, whose own love they are reflecting and manifesting when they love me. Let me, in turn, love them back, and allow my heart to be set on fire for God. I need no burning bush…

Anthony Kennedy