Friday, April 29, 2016

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Astute Steward Astute Steward

In speaking of the way we should think about security for the future, Jesus used a curious example – a man who cheated his employer. Luke 16.1-8 But it’s the astuteness, not the dishonesty of the steward we are to imitate. Wise people look to the future. They think ahead. Such was the worldly-wise steward. He used his resourcefulness... [Read more...]

Euthanasia and Love Euthanasia and Love

The philosopher and spiritual writer, Raissa Maritain, died some months after suffering a stroke. During those months she lay in a hospital bed, unable to speak. After her death, her husband, the renowned philosopher, Jacques Maritain, in preparing her journals for publication, wrote these words: “At a moment when everything collapsed for both... [Read more...]

The Mysticism of Music The Mysticism of Music

Hands on a piano in the dark – used with permission from Music is the most mysterious of all the arts because the symbols it uses are remote from our immediate experience. In literature we are using words that have a meaning fixed in advance. In painting we are using forms from the external world with which we are fairly familiar.... [Read more...]

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Past Events

The Week Ahead: Seventh Week The Week Ahead: Seventh Week

Sun 28 Feb 3rd Sunday of Lent 9am & 11am Fr Keith McMillan SJ, Assistant Chaplain 5.45pm... 


Friday 4th March 7.30-10pm ‘Nightfever’ at Blackfriars, do come along... 

Meals for the Homeless Meals for the Homeless

SVP: Preparation of meals for the Homeless at O’Hanlon House: the group welcome... 

The Week Ahead: Sixth Week The Week Ahead: Sixth Week

Sun 21 Feb 2nd Sunday of Lent 9am Fr James Hanvey SJ, Master of Campion Hall 11am... 

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Coming Up

Lourdes Pilgrimage Lourdes Pilgrimage

Oxford & Cambridge Lourdes Pilgrimage: Sat 23-30 Jul Serving sick pilgrims... 

Hot Chocolate after 9 pm Mass on Sundays Hot Chocolate after 9 pm Mass on Sundays

Hot chocolate after the 9pm Mass on a Sunday. Come and join us!  

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